Fight (brawl)




  • From Middle English fighten, from Old English feohtan ("to fight, combat, strive"), from Proto-West Germanic *fehtan, from Proto-Germanic *fehtaną ("to comb, tease, shear, struggle with"), from Proto-Indo-European *peḱ- ("to comb, shear").
  • Cognate with Scots fecht ("to fight"), West Frisian fjochtsje, fjuchte, Dutch vechten ("to fight"), Low German fechten ("to fight"), German fechten ("to fight, fence"), Swedish fäkta ("to fence, to fight (using blade weapons), to wave vigorously (and carelessly) with one's arms"), Latin pectō ("comb, thrash"), Albanian pjek ("to hit, strive, fight"), Ancient Greek πέκω ("comb or card wool"). Related also to Old English feht ("wool, shaggy pelt, fleece").
  • From Middle English fight, feyght, fiȝt, fecht, from Old English feoht, ġefeoht, from Proto-West Germanic *fehtan, from Proto-Germanic *fehtą, *gafehtą, from Proto-Germanic *fehtaną. Cognate with Dutch gevecht, German Gefecht.

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