• Far, especially far down through something or into something, physically or figuratively.
  • In a profound, not superficial, manner.
  • In large volume.
  • Back towards one's own goal, baseline, or similar.


  • The deep part of a lake, sea, etc.
  • deep hole or pit, a water well; an abyss.
  • A silent time; quiet isolation.
  • A deep shade of colour.
  • The profound part of a problem.
  • The sea, the ocean.
  • A fielding position near the boundary.


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  • From Middle English depe, deep, dep, deop, from Old English dēop, from Proto-West Germanic *deup, from Proto-Germanic *deupaz, from Proto-Indo-European, from *dʰewb-.
  • Cognate with Scots depe ("deep"), Saterland Frisian djoop ("deep"), West Frisian djip ("deep"), Low German deep ("deep"), Dutch diep ("deep"), German tief ("deep"), Danish dyb ("deep"), Norwegian Bokmål dyp ("deep"), Norwegian Nynorsk and Swedish djup ("deep"), Icelandic djúpur ("deep"), Lithuanian dubùs ("deep, hollow"), Albanian det ("sea"), Welsh dwfn ("deep").

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