The clock of a dandelion.




  • To measure the duration of.
  • To measure the speed of.
  • To hit (someone) heavily.
  • To take notice of; to realise; to recognize someone or something
  • To falsify the reading of the odometer of a vehicle.
  • To beat a video game.
  • To ornament (e.g. the side of a stocking) with figured work.
  • To make the sound of a hen; to cluck.
  • To hatch.


Similar words


  • c. 1350–1400, Middle English clokke, clok, cloke, from Middle Dutch clocke ("bell, clock"), from Old Northern French cloque ("bell"), from Medieval Latin clocca, probably of Celtic origin, from Proto-Celtic *klokkos ("bell") (compare Welsh cloch, Old Irish cloc), either onomatopoeic or from Proto-Indo-European *klek- ("to laugh, cackle") (compare Proto-Germanic *hlahjaną ("to laugh")).
  • Related to Old English clucge, Saterland Frisian Klokke ("bell; clock"), Low German Klock ("bell, clock"), German Glocke, Swedish klocka.
  • Doublet of cloak.
  • Origin uncertain; designs may have originally been bell-shaped and thus related to Etymology 1, above.
  • Old English cloccian ultimately imitative; compare Dutch klokken, English cluck.

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