Two men clapping.



  • The act of striking the palms of the hands, or any two surfaces, together.
  • The explosive sound of thunder.
  • Any loud, sudden, explosive sound made by striking hard surfaces together, or resembling such a sound.
  • A slap with the hand, usually in a jovial manner.
  • A single, sudden act or motion; a stroke; a blow.
  • The nether part of the beak of a hawk.
  • A dropping of cow dung (presumably from the sound made as it hits the ground)
  • Gonorrhea.


  • To strike the palms of the hands together, creating a sharp sound.
  • To applaud.
  • To slap with the hand in a jovial manner.
  • To bring two surfaces together forcefully, creating a sharp sound.
  • To come together suddenly with noise.
  • To create or assemble (something) hastily (usually followed by up or together).
  • To set or put, usually in haste.
  • To shoot (somebody) with a gun.


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  • From Middle English clappen, from Old English clæppan, from Proto-Germanic *klappōną. Cognate with Dutch klappen, Icelandic klappa, and Faroese klappa. clepe, and yclept.
  • Unknown. Probably from Old French clapoir ("bubo, inflammation from infection"), from clapier. Attested from the 16th century.

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