A hawk



  • A diurnal predatory bird of the family Accipitridae, smaller than an eagle.
  • Any diurnal predatory terrestrial bird of similar size and appearance to the accipitrid hawks, such as a falcon.
  • Any of various species of dragonfly of the genera Apocordulia (genus) and Austrocordulia (genus), endemic to Australia.
  • An advocate of aggressive political positions and actions.
  • An uncooperative or purely-selfish participant in an exchange or game, especially when untrusting, acquisitive or treacherous. Refers specifically to the Prisoner's Dilemma, alias the Hawk-Dove game.
  • A plasterer's tool, made of a flat surface with a handle below, used to hold an amount of plaster prior to application to the wall or ceiling being worked on: a mortarboard.
  • A noisy effort to force up phlegm from the throat.


  • To hunt with a hawk.
  • To make an attack while on the wing; to soar and strike like a hawk.
  • To sell; to offer for sale by outcry in the street; to carry (merchandise) about from place to place for sale; to peddle.
  • To expectorate, to cough up something from one's throat.
  • To try to cough up something from one's throat; to clear the throat loudly.


Similar words

Narrower meaning words

  • aspere-hawk
  • ball hawk
  • bat hawk
  • bay-winged hawk
  • bee hawk
  • bicoloured hawk
  • bird hawk
  • black hawk
  • blue hawk
  • broad-winged hawk
  • brown hawk
  • bush hawk
  • buteo hawk
  • buzzard hawk
  • carrion hawk
  • cherry hawk
  • chicken hawk, chicken-hawk, chickenhawk
  • cliff hawk
  • common black hawk
  • Cooper's hawk
  • crane hawk
  • crested hawk
  • cuckoo hawk
  • deficit hawk
  • dor-hawk, dorhawk, dorrhawk
  • dove hawk
  • duck hawk, duck-hawk
  • eagle hawk, eagle-hawk, eaglehawk
  • ferruginous hawk
  • fish hawk, fish-hawk, fishhawk
  • Galápagos hawk
  • game hawk
  • gnat hawk, gnat-hawk
  • gopher hawk
  • grasshopper hawk
  • gray hawk, grey hawk
  • gray-lined hawk, grey-lined hawk
  • great black hawk
  • great-footed hawk
  • Gundlach's hawk
  • Harlan's hawk
  • harrier hawk
  • Harris's hawk
  • Hawaiian hawk
  • hen hawk, hen-hawk
  • hobby hawk
  • hover-hawk
  • jack-hawk
  • jashawk
  • Jayhawk
  • jiddy hawk
  • killy hawk
  • kitchen hawk
  • kite hawk
  • kitty hawk
  • Krider's hawk
  • lark-hawk
  • liberal hawk
  • long-tailed hawk
  • Lucifer hawk
  • make-hawk
  • man-of-war hawk
  • mangrove black hawk
  • mar-hawk
  • market-hawk
  • marsh hawk
  • meadowhawk
  • molly hawk
  • moor hawk
  • mosquito hawk
  • moth-hawk
  • mountain hawk
  • mouse hawk, mouse-hawk
  • mullet hawk
  • news-hawk, newshawk
  • night hawk, night-hawk
  • pap-hawk
  • partridge-hawk
  • passage hawk
  • peregrine hawk
  • perry hawk
  • pigeon hawk, pigeon-hawk
  • plain-breasted hawk
  • pondhawk
  • prairie hawk
  • quail hawk
  • red hawk
  • red-shouldered hawk
  • red-tailed hawk
  • Ridgway's hawk
  • ringtail hawk
  • rock hawk
  • rook hawk
  • rough-legged hawk
  • rufous-thighed hawk
  • savanna hawk
  • screech hawk, screech-hawk
  • sea hawk, sea-hawk
  • semicollared hawk
  • sharp-shinned hawk
  • shite-hawk
  • short-tailed hawk
  • shower hawk
  • skeeter hawk
  • small-bird-hawk
  • mul
  • snake hawk
  • snipe hawk
  • sparrow hawk, sparrow-hawk, sparrowhawk
  • squirrel hawk
  • stand hawk
  • stannel hawk
  • star-hawk
  • stone hawk
  • Swainson's hawk
  • swallow-tailed hawk
  • tarantula hawk
  • tiny hawk
  • vanner hawk
  • war hawk, war-hawk
  • whistling hawk
  • white-breasted hawk
  • white-throated hawk
  • white hawk
  • zone-tailed hawk


  • From Middle English hauk, hauke, hawke, havek, from Old English hafoc, from Proto-West Germanic *habuk, from Proto-Germanic *habukaz (compare West Frisian hauk, German Low German Haavke, Dutch havik, German Habicht, Swedish hök, Danish høg, Norwegian Bokmål hauk, Norwegian Nynorsk hauk, Faroese heykur, Icelandic haukur), from Proto-Indo-European *kopuǵos (compare Latin capys, capus, Albanian gabonjë, shkabë, Russian ко́бец ("falcon"), Polish kobuz ("Eurasian Hobby")), perhaps ultimately derived from *keh₂p-.
  • Uncertain origin; perhaps from Middle English hache, or from a variant use of the above.

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