• The act of seizing or capturing.
  • The act of catching an object in motion, especially a ball.
  • The act of noticing, understanding or hearing.
  • The game of catching a ball.
  • Something which is captured or caught.
  • A find, in particular a boyfriend or girlfriend or prospective spouse.
  • A stopping mechanism, especially a clasp which stops something from opening.
  • A hesitation in voice, caused by strong emotion.
  • A concealed difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation.
  • A crick; a sudden muscle pain during unaccustomed positioning when the muscle is in use.
  • A fragment of music or poetry.
  • A state of readiness to capture or seize; an ambush.
  • A crop which has germinated and begun to grow.
  • A type of strong boat, usually having two masts; a ketch.
  • A type of humorous round in which the voices gradually catch up with one another; usually sung by men and often having bawdy lyrics.
  • The refrain; a line or lines of a song which are repeated from verse to verse.
  • The act of catching a hit ball before it reaches the ground, resulting in an out.
  • A player in respect of his catching ability; particularly one who catches well.
  • The first contact of an oar with the water.
  • A stoppage of breath, resembling a slight cough.
  • Passing opportunities seized; snatches.
  • A slight remembrance; a trace.


  • To capture, overtake.
  • To seize hold of.
  • To intercept.
  • To receive (by being in the way).
  • To take in with one's senses or intellect.
  • To seize attention, interest.
  • To obtain or experience


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  • , from Old English læċċan.
  • The verb became irregular, possibly under the influence of the semantically similar latch (from Old English læċċan) whose past tense was lahte, lauhte, laught (Old English læhte) until becoming regularised in Modern English.

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