Boring a hole through a wooden plank with an auger.



  • To inspire boredom in somebody.
  • To make a hole through something.
  • To make a hole with, or as if with, a boring instrument; to cut a circular hole by the rotary motion of a tool.
  • To form or enlarge (something) by means of a boring instrument or apparatus.
  • To make (a passage) by laborious effort, as in boring; to force a narrow and difficult passage through.
  • To be pierced or penetrated by an instrument that cuts as it turns.
  • To push forward in a certain direction with laborious effort.
  • To fool; to trick.
  • Past of bear
  • Past participle of bear



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  • From Middle English boren, from Old English borian, from Proto-Germanic *burōną. Compare Danish bore, Norwegian Bokmål bore, Dutch boren, German bohren, Old Norse bora. Cognate with Latin forō ("to bore, to pierce"), Latin feriō ("strike, cut") and Albanian birë ("hole"). Sense of wearying may come from a figurative use such as "to bore the ears"; compare German drillen.
  • From Middle English *bore, bare, a borrowing from Old Norse bára. Cognate with Icelandic bára, Faroese bára.

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