• Mixture; union.
  • A summer beverage prepared from the whey of churned milk, common among the inhabitants of the Shetland Islands.


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  • Borrowed from Latin blandus ("pleasant, flattering").
  • From Middle English blanden, blonden, from Old English blandan ("to blend, mix, mingle; trouble, disturb, corrupt"), from Proto-Germanic *blandaną ("to mix, blend"). Cognate with Icelandic blanda, Norwegian, Danish blande, Swedish blanda. See also blend.
  • From Middle English bland, from Old English bland, blond, from Proto-Germanic *blandą ("a mixing, mixture"), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰlendʰ- ("to grow turbid, dim, see badly, be blind"). Cognate with Icelandic blanda ("a mixture of liquids, especially of hot whey and water").

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