Proper Noun



  • Of or relating to France.
  • Of or relating to the people or culture of France.
  • Of or relating to the French language.
  • Of or related to oral sex, especially fellatio.


  • Alternate spelling of french


Similar words


  • , Frensch, Frensc, Frenshe, Frenk, Franche, from Old English Frenċisċ ("Frankish"), from Franca + -isċ; more at Frank, -ish (compare Frankish). Cognate with Danish fransk ("French"), Swedish fransk, fransysk, Icelandic franska ("French").
  • In reference to vulgar language, from expressions such as pardon my French in the early 19th century, originally in reference to actual (but often mildly impolite) French expressions by the upper class, subsequently adopted ironically by the lower class for English cursewords under the charitable conceit that the listener would not be familiar with them.
  • In reference to vermouth, a shortened form of French vermouth, distinguished as usually being drier than Italian vermouth.

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