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  • From Middle English wombe, wambe, from Old English womb, wamb, from Proto-Germanic *wambō ("belly, stomach, abdomen"). Cognate with Scots wam, wame, Dutch wam ("dewlap of beef; belly of a fish"), German Wamme, Wampe, Danish vom ("belly, paunch, rumen"), Swedish våmb ("belly, stomach, rumen"), Norwegian vom ("rumen"), Icelandic vömb ("belly, abdomen, stomach"), Old Welsh gumbelauc ("womb"), Breton gwamm ("woman, wife"), Sanskrit वपा ("the skin or membrane lining the intestines or parts of the viscera, the caul or omentum"). Superseded non-native Middle English mater, matere and matris, matrice borrowed from Latin māter and Old French matrice, respectively.

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