• To dance in the vogue dance style.
  • To light a cigarette.


  • Borrowed from Middle French vogue ("wave, course of success"), from Old French vogue, from voguer, from Old Saxon wogōn ("to sway, rock"), var. of wagōn, from Proto-Germanic *wagōną ("to sway, fluctuate") and Proto-Germanic *wēgaz ("water in motion"), from Proto-Germanic *weganą ("to move, carry, weigh"), from Proto-Indo-European *weǵʰ- ("to move, go, transport") (compare way).
  • Akin to Old Saxon wegan ("to move"), Old High German wegan ("to move"), Old English wegan ("to move, carry, weigh"), Old Norse vaga ("to sway, fluctuate"), Old English wagian ("to sway, totter"), German Woge ("wave"), Swedish våg ("wave"). More at wag.
  • The dance derives its name from Vogue magazine.

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