• To design, fashion, make, or arrange in a certain way or form (style)
  • To call or give a name or title to.
  • To create for, or give to, someone a style, fashion, or image, particularly one which is regarded as attractive, tasteful, or trendy.
  • To act in a way which seeks to show that one possesses style.


  • The noun is derived from Middle English stile, stel, stele, stiel, stiele, stil, still, stille, styele, style, styill, styll, styyl, from Old French style, estile, stil, stile (modern French style), or from Medieval Latin stylus, both from Latin stilus, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)teyg-. stylus.
  • The English word is cognate with Catalan estil, German Stiel, Italian stilo, Occitan estil, Portuguese estilo, Spanish estilo.
  • The verb is derived from the noun.

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