• A device that controls the flow of a gas or fluid through a pipe.
  • A device that admits fuel and air into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine, or one that allows combustion gases to exit.
  • One or more membranous partitions, flaps, or folds, which permit the passage of the contents of a vessel or cavity in one direction, but stop or control the flow in the opposite direction
  • One of the leaves of a folding-door, or a window-sash.
  • A vacuum tube.
  • One of the pieces into which certain fruits naturally separate when they dehisce.
  • A small portion of certain anthers, which opens like a trapdoor to allow the pollen to escape, such as in the barberry.
  • One of the pieces or divisions of bivalve or multivalve shells.
  • One of the two similar portions of the shell of a diatom.


  • To control (flow) by means of a valve.


  • From Middle English valve, from Latin valva. valva.

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