Young travellers at Lusaka Airport (1)



  • One who travels, especially to distant lands.
  • A salesman who travels from place to place on behalf of a company.
  • Someone who lives (particularly in the UK) in a caravan, bus or other vehicle rather than a fixed abode.
  • Alternate spelling of Traveller
  • A list and record of instructions that follows a part in a manufacturing process.
  • One of the wires connecting the two members of a pair of three-way switches.
  • A metal ring that moves freely on part of a ship’s rigging.
  • A rail or track for a sliding curtain.
  • A sheet of paper that is circulated with the board of cards, on which players record their scores.
  • A styrofoam cup filled with liquor and usually ice, to be taken away from a place.


  • From Middle English traveler, travelour, travailere, travailour, equivalent to travel + -er. Compare Anglo-Norman travailur, travailour, Old French travailleor, travelleeur, travelier.

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