• From Middle English translaten, and then from:
  • Anglo-Norman tranlater, translater, and Middle French, Old French translater (modern French translater); and
  • their etymon Latin trānslātus, the perfect passive participle of trānsferō.
  • Trānslātus is derived from trāns- + lātus (ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *telh₂-), the irregular perfect passive participle of ferō. The English word is cognate with Catalan traslladar, Irish trasladar, Italian traslatare, Late Latin translatare, Old Occitan transladar, translatar, traslatar, Portuguese transladar, trasladar, Spanish trasladar, transladar.
  • The word displaced Middle English awenden (from Old English āwendan), Middle English irecchen (from Old English ġereċċan), and Old English ġeþēodan.

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