• To join or unite (e.g. one thing to another, or as several particulars) so as to increase the number, augment the quantity or enlarge the magnitude, or so as to form into one aggregate.
  • To sum up; to put together mentally; to add up.
  • To combine elements of (something) into one quantity.
  • To give by way of increased possession (to someone); to bestow (on).
  • To append (e.g. a statement); to say further information; to add on.
  • To make an addition; to augment; to increase; to add on.
  • To perform the arithmetical operation of addition.
  • To summon minions or reinforcements.


  • The addition of a song to a station's playlist.
  • An act or instance of adding.
  • An additional enemy that joins a fight after the primary target.


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  • From Latin addō ("add, give unto"), from ad + dō.

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