• Having a gender (identity) which is different from the sex one was assigned at birth: being assigned male at birth but having a female or non-binary gender or vice versa; or, pertaining to such people.
  • Not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles and categories of male or female; having changed gender identity from male to female or female to male, or identifying with elements of both, or having some other gender identity; or, pertaining to such people.
  • Intended primarily for transgender people.
  • Available for use by transgender people (in addition to non-transgender people).


  • A transgender person.
  • Transgenderism; the state of being transgender.


  • To change the gender of; to change the sex of.


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  • From trans- + gender. First used in English by John Oliven in 1965, the term had acquired its current senses by the 1990s (by which time it had also largely displaced the earlier term transsexual; see usage notes).

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