• To emit sweat.
  • To cause to excrete moisture through skin.
  • To work hard.
  • To extract money, labour, etc. from, by exaction or oppression.
  • To worry.
  • To worry about (something).
  • To emit, in the manner of sweat.
  • To emit moisture.
  • To solder (a pipe joint) together.
  • To stress out.
  • To cook slowly at low heat, in shallow oil and without browning, to reduce moisture content.
  • To remove a portion of (a coin), as by shaking it with others in a bag, so that the friction wears off a small quantity of the metal.
  • To suffer a penalty; to smart for one's misdeeds.
  • To scrape the sweat from (a horse).


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  • From Middle English swete, swet, swate, swote, from Old English swāt, from Proto-Germanic *swait-, *swaitą, from Proto-Indo-European *swoyd-, o-grade of *sweyd-. Cognate with West Frisian swit, Dutch zweet, German Schweiß, Danish sved, Swedish svett, Yiddish שוויצן (English shvitz), Latin sudor, French sueur, Italian sudore, Spanish sudor, Persian خوید, Sanskrit स्वेद, Lithuanian sviedri, Tocharian B syā-, and Albanian djersë.
  • From Middle English sweten, from Old English swǣtan, from Proto-Germanic *swaitijaną. Compare Dutch zweten, German schwitzen, Danish svede. shvitz.

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