Stern of the w:Amsterdam (VOC ship)VOC ship 'Amsterdam' (replica)




  • The rear part or after end of a ship or vessel.
  • The post of management or direction.
  • The hinder part of anything.
  • The tail of an animal; now used only of the tail of a dog.
  • A bird, the black tern.



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  • From Middle English stern, sterne, sturne, from Old English styrne ("stern, grave, strict, austere, hard, severe, cruel"), from Proto-Germanic *sturnijaz ("angry, astonished, shocked"), from Proto-Indo-European *ster- ("rigid, stiff"). Cognate with Scots stern ("bold, courageous, fierce, resolute"), Old High German stornēn ("to be astonished"), Dutch stuurs ("glum, austere"), Swedish stursk ("insolent").
  • Most likely from Old Norse stjórn ("control, steering"), related to stýra, from Proto-Germanic *stiurijaną, whence also English steer. Also possibly from Old Frisian stiarne ("rudder"), from the same Germanic root.
  • From a variant of tern.

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