• A person who is held in servitude as the property of another person, and whose labor (and often also whose body and life) is subject to the owner's volition and control.
  • A drudge; one who labors or is obliged (e.g. by prior contract) to labor like a slave with limited rights, e.g. an indentured servant.
  • An abject person.
  • One who has no power of resistance (to something), one who surrenders to or is under the domination (of something).
  • A submissive partner in a BDSM relationship who (consensually) submits to (sexually and/or personally) serving one or more masters or mistresses.
  • A sex slave, a person who is forced against their will to perform, for another person or group, sexual acts on a regular or continuing basis.
  • A device (such as a secondary flash or hard drive) that is subject to the control of another (a master).



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  • From Middle English, from Old French sclave, from Medieval Latin sclāvus, from Late Latin Sclāvus, because Slavs were often forced into slavery in the Middle Ages. The Latin word is from Byzantine Greek Σκλάβος, see that entry and Slav for more. Displaced native .

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