• To move or be moved into something.
  • To diminish or be diminished.
  • To conceal and appropriate.
  • To keep out of sight; to suppress; to ignore.
  • To pay absolutely.
  • To reduce or extinguish by payment.
  • To be overwhelmed or depressed; to fail in strength.
  • To decrease in volume, as a river; to subside; to become diminished in volume or in apparent height.



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  • From Old English sincan, from Proto-Germanic *sinkwaną, from Proto-Indo-European *sengʷ- ("to fall, sink"). Compare West Frisian sinke, Low German sinken, Dutch zinken, German sinken, Danish and Norwegian Bokmål synke, Swedish sjunka. In the causative sense, it replaced Old English senċan ("make sink") from Proto-Germanic *sankwijaną.

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