A light flashing approximately once per second




  • After the first; at the second rank.
  • After the first occurrence but before the third.


  • Something that is number two in a series.
  • Something that is next in rank, quality, precedence, position, status, or authority.
  • The place that is next below or after first in a race or contest.
  • A manufactured item that, though still usable, fails to meet quality control standards.
  • An additional helping of food.
  • A chance or attempt to achieve what should have been done the first time, usually indicating success this time around. (See second-guess.)
  • The interval between two adjacent notes in a diatonic scale (either or both of them may be raised or lowered from the basic scale via any type of accidental).
  • The second gear of an engine.
  • Second base.
  • The agent of a party to an honour dispute whose role was to try to resolve the dispute or to make the necessary arrangements for a duel.
  • A Cub Scout appointed to assist the sixer.
  • A second-class honours degree.
  • One-sixtieth of a minute; the SI unit of time, defined as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of radiation corresponding to the transition between two hyperfine levels of caesium-133 in a ground state at a temperature of absolute zero and at rest.
  • A unit of angle equal to one-sixtieth of a minute of arc or one part in 3600 of a degree.
  • A short, indeterminate amount of time.
  • One who supports another in a contest or combat, such as a dueller's assistant.
  • One who supports or seconds a motion, or the act itself, as required in certain meetings to pass judgement etc.
  • Aid; assistance; help.


  • To agree as a second person to (a proposal), usually to reach a necessary quorum of two. (See under #Etymology 3 for translations.)
  • To follow in the next place; to succeed.
  • To climb after a lead climber.
  • To transfer temporarily to alternative employment.
  • To assist or support; to back.
  • To agree as a second person to (a proposal), usually to reach a necessary quorum of two. (This may come from the English adjective above.)
  • To accompany by singing as the second performer.


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  • From Middle English secunde, second, secound, secund, borrowed from Old French second, seond, from Latin secundus ("following, next in order"), from root of sequor, from Proto-Indo-European *sekʷ- ("to follow"). secundo. Displaced native twoth and partially displaced native other (from Old English ōþer).
  • From Middle English secunde, seconde, borrowed from Old French seconde, from Medieval Latin secunda, short for secunda pars minuta.
  • From Middle French seconder, from Latin secundō ("assist, make favorable").

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