• A particular discipline or branch of learning, especially one dealing with measurable or systematic principles rather than intuition or natural ability.
  • Specifically the natural sciences.
  • Knowledge gained through study or practice; mastery of a particular discipline or area.
  • The fact of knowing something; knowledge or understanding of a truth.
  • The collective discipline of study or learning acquired through the scientific method; the sum of knowledge gained from such methods and discipline.
  • Knowledge derived from scientific disciplines, scientific method, or any systematic effort.
  • The scientific community.
  • Synonym of sweet science


  • To cause to become versed in science; to make skilled; to instruct.
  • To use science to solve a problem.


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  • From Middle English science, scyence, borrowed from Old French science, escience, from Latin scientia ("knowledge"), from sciens, the present participle stem of scire.
  • See scion.

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