• A shaky or unsteady gait.
  • A lively dance originating in Scotland; also, the music of this dance; often called a Scottish (or Scotch) reel.
  • A kind of spool, turning on an axis, on which yarn, threads, lines, or the like, are wound.
  • A machine on which yarn is wound and measured into lays and hanks, —-- for cotton or linen it is fifty-four inches in circuit; for worsted, thirty inches.
  • A device consisting of radial arms with horizontal stats, connected with a harvesting machine, for holding the stalks of grain in position to be cut by the knives.
  • A short compilation of sample film work used as a demonstrative resume in the entertainment industry.



  • From Middle English reel, reele, from Old English reol, hreol, from Proto-Germanic *hrehulaz, from Proto-Indo-European *krek-. Cognate with Icelandic ræl, hræll.

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