• To issue (something, such as printed work) for distribution and/or sale.
  • To announce to the public.
  • To issue the work of (an author).
  • To disseminate (a message) publicly via a newsgroup, forum, blog, etc.
  • To issue a medium (e.g. publication).
  • To have one's work accepted for a publication.
  • To be made available in a printed publication or other medium.
  • To convert data of a Web page to HTML in a local directory and copy it to the Web site on a remote system.
  • To make (information such as an event) available to components that wish to be notified (subscribers).


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  • From Middle English publicen (by analogy with banish, finish), from Old French publier, from Latin publicare ("to make public, show or tell to the people, make known, declare, also (and earlier) confiscate for public use"), from publicus; see public.

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