• A person who lives on other people's efforts or expense and gives little or nothing back.
  • A sycophant or hanger-on.
  • An organism that lives on or in another organism of a different species, deriving benefit from living on or in that other organism, while not contributing towards that other organism sufficiently to cover the cost to that other organism.
  • A climbing plant which is supported by a wall, trellis etc.
  • A retainer or companion of an ancient Celtic warrior, who praised him in song or poetry at gatherings; a bard.
  • A component of a composite aircraft which is carried aloft and air-launched by a larger carrier aircraft or mother ship to support the primary mission of the carrier.


Opposite words


  • From Middle French parasite, from Latin parasitus, from Ancient Greek παράσιτος, from noun use of adjective meaning "feeding beside", from παρά + σῖτος.

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