• To lay, spread, or apply something over or across; cover.
  • To overwhelm; to press excessively upon.
  • To lie over (someone, especially a child) in order to smother it; to suffocate.
  • To put an overlay on.
  • To bet too much money on.
  • Past of overlie


  • A piece of paper pasted upon the tympan sheet to improve the impression by making it stronger at a particular place.
  • Odds which are set higher than expected or warranted. Favorable odds.
  • A horse going off at higher odds than it appears to warrant, based on its past performances.
  • A decal attached to a computer keyboard to relabel the keys.
  • A block of program code that is loaded over something previously loaded, so as to replace the functionality.
  • A pop-up covering an existing part of the display.
  • A cravat.


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