• A short symbol, often with little relation to the item it represents.
  • A body of law, sanctioned by legislation, in which the rules of law to be specifically applied by the courts are set forth in systematic form; a compilation of laws by public authority; a digest.
  • Any system of principles, rules or regulations relating to one subject.
  • A set of rules for converting information into another form or representation.
  • A message represented by rules intended to conceal its meaning.
  • A cryptographic system using a codebook that converts words or phrases into codewords.
  • Instructions for a computer, written in a programming language; the input of a translator, an interpreter or a browser, namely: source code, machine code, bytecode.
  • A program.
  • A particular lect or language variety.
  • An emergency requiring situation-trained members of the staff.
  • A set of unwritten rules that bind a social group.



Narrower meaning words


  • From Middle English code, from Old French code ("system of law"), from Latin cōdex, later form of caudex. codex
  • From code blue, a medical emergency

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