• To shovel muck.
  • To manure with muck.
  • To do a dirty job.
  • To pass, to fold without showing one's cards, often done when a better hand has already been revealed.
  • To vomit.


  • From Middle English mok, muk, from Old Norse myki, mykr or less likely Old English *moc (in hlōsmoc) (compare Icelandic mykja and Danish møg ("dung")), from Proto-Germanic *mukī, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)mewg-, *mewk- (compare Welsh mign ("swamp"), Latin mūcus ("snot"), mucere, Latvian mukls ("swampy"), Albanian myk ("mould"), Ancient Greek mýxa 'mucus, lamp wick', mýkes 'fungus'), from *(s)mewg, mewk 'to slip'. More at meek.

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