• The adjective is derived from Late Middle English melowe, melwe; further etymology uncertain, possibly:
  • from an attributive use of melow, melowe, melewe, mele, from Old English melo, melu, from Proto-Germanic *melwą, from Proto-Indo-European *melh₂-; or
  • a variant of Middle English merow, merowe, meruw, from Old English meru, mearu, from Proto-Germanic *marwaz, from Proto-Indo-European *mer(w)-.
  • The noun and verb are both derived from the adjective. The etymology of noun sense 3 (“close friend; lover”) is unknown, but may also be derived from the adjective.
  • Dutch murw
  • German mürbe
  • German Low German möör
  • Old Norse mör (Icelandic meyr)
  • Saterland Frisian muur
  • West Frisian murf

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