Sheep's liver



  • A large organ in the body that stores and metabolizes nutrients, destroys toxins and produces bile. It is responsible for thousands of biochemical reactions.
  • This organ, as taken from animals used as food.
  • A dark brown colour, tinted with red and gray, like the colour of liver.
  • Someone who lives (usually in a specified way).


  • Of the colour of liver (dark brown, tinted with red and gray).
  • Comparative form or more of live


  • From Middle English lyvere, lyver, from Old English lifer, from Proto-Germanic *librĊ, from Proto-Indo-European *leyp-, from Proto-Indo-European *ley-. Cognate with Saterland Frisian Lieuwer, West Frisian lever, Dutch lever, German Leber, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish lever (the last three from Old Norse lifr). Related to live.
  • From Middle English lyvere, livere, equivalent to live + -er.
  • live + --er.

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