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  • From Middle English leten, læten, from Old English lǣtan ("to allow, let go, bequeath, leave, rent"), from Proto-West Germanic *lātan, from Proto-Germanic *lētaną ("to leave behind, allow"), from Proto-Indo-European *leh₁d- ("to let, leave behind").
  • Cognate with Scots lat, lete, North Frisian lete ("to let"), West Frisian litte ("to let"), Dutch laten ("to let, leave"), German lassen ("to let, leave, allow"), Swedish låta ("to let, allow, leave"), Icelandic láta ("to let"), Albanian lë ("to allow, let, leave") and partially related to French laisser.
  • From Middle English letten ("to hinder, delay"), from Old English lettan ("to hinder, delay”; literally, “to make late"), from Proto-West Germanic *lattjan, from Proto-Germanic *latjaną. Akin to Old English latian ("to delay"), Dutch letten, Old English læt ("late"). More at late, delay.

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