• To cover with lather.
  • To beat or whip.
  • To form lather or froth, as a horse does when profusely sweating.


  • From Middle English lather, from Old English lēaþor, from Proto-Germanic *lauþrą, from Proto-Indo-European *lówh₃trom, from *lewh₃-, *lowh₃-. Cognate with Swedish lödder, Icelandic löður, Old Irish lóathar, Ancient Greek λουτρόν, Latin lavō, Albanian laj, Ancient Greek λούω. More at lye.
  • From Middle English *lethren, from Old English lēþrian, lȳþrian, *līeþrian, from Old English lēaþor ("a kind of niter used for soap, soda"). See above.

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