A plant of the genus, Iris.



  • A plant of the genus Iris, common in the northern hemisphere, and generally having attractive blooms (See ).
  • The contractile membrane perforated by the pupil, which adjusts to control the amount of light reaching the retina, and which forms the colored portion of the eye (See ).
  • A diaphragm used to regulate the size of a hole, especially as a way of controlling the amount of light reaching a lens.
  • A rainbow, or other colourful refraction of light.
  • A constricted opening in the path inside a waveguide, used to form a resonator.
  • The inner circle of an oscillated color spot.


  • To open or close in the manner of an iris.
  • To cause (something) to shine with the colours of the rainbow; to make iridescent.


  • From Middle English, from Latin īris, from Ancient Greek ἶρις, from Proto-Indo-European *wey-ro-, from *weh₁y-. Cognate to English wire.

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