• A short jump.
  • A jump on one leg.
  • A short journey, especially in the case of air travel, one that take place on a private plane.
  • A bounce, especially from the ground, of a thrown or batted ball.
  • A dance; a gathering for the purpose of dancing.
  • The sending of a data packet from one host to another as part of its overall journey.
  • The plant (Humulus lupulus) from whose flowers beer or ale is brewed.
  • The flowers of the hop plant, dried and used to brew beer etc.
  • Opium, or some other narcotic drug.
  • The fruit of the dog rose; a hip.


  • To jump a short distance.
  • To jump on one foot.
  • To be in state of energetic activity.
  • To suddenly take a mode of transportation that one does not drive oneself, often surreptitiously.
  • To jump onto, or over
  • To move frequently from one place or situation to another similar one.
  • To dance.
  • To walk lame; to limp.
  • To impregnate with hops, especially to add hops as a flavouring agent during the production of beer
  • To gather hops.


  • From Middle English hoppen, from Old English hoppian, from Proto-Germanic *huppōną, from Proto-Indo-European *kewb-. Cognate with Dutch hoppen, German hopfen, hoppen, Swedish hoppa, Icelandic hoppa.
  • From Middle English hoppe, from Middle Dutch hoppe, from Old Dutch *hoppo, from Proto-Germanic *huppô. Cognate with German Hopfen and French houblon.

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