Diagram of the human heart.




  • To be fond of.
  • To give heart to; to hearten; to encourage.
  • To fill an interior with rubble, as a wall or a breakwater.
  • To form a dense cluster of leaves, a heart, especially of lettuce or cabbage.


  • From Middle English herte, from Old English heorte ("heart"), from Proto-West Germanic *hertā, from Proto-Germanic *hertô ("heart"), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱḗr. .
  • Most of the modern figurative senses (such as passion or compassion, spirit, inmost feelings, especially love, affection, and courage) were present in Old English. However, the meaning “center” dates from the early 14th century.
  • The verb sense “to love” is from the 1977 I ❤ NY advertising campaign.

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