• A reduction of transparency of a clear gas or liquid.
  • An analogous dullness on a surface that is ideally highly reflective or transparent.
  • Any state suggestive of haze in the atmosphere, such as mental confusion or vagueness of memory.
  • The degree of cloudiness or turbidity in a clear glass or plastic, measured in percent.
  • Any substance causing turbidity in beer or wine.


  • To be or become hazy, or thick with haze.
  • To perform an unpleasant initiation ritual upon a usually non-consenting individual, especially freshmen to a closed community such as a college or military unit.
  • To oppress or harass by forcing to do hard and unnecessary work.
  • In a rodeo, to assist the bulldogger by keeping (the steer) running in a straight line.
  • To use aversive stimuli on (an animal, such as a bear) to encourage it to keep its distance from humans.


Broader meaning words


  • The earliest instances are of the latter part of the 17th century.
  • Possibly .
  • Compare Old Norse höss ("grey"), akin to Old English hasu ("gray").

  • Origin unknown; there is nothing to connect the word with Old English hasu, haso.
  • Possibly from hawze, from Middle French haser

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