• 1620, from French dialectal (Norman) funquer, funquier, from Old Northern French fungier, from Vulgar Latin fūmicāre, alteration of Latin fumigo ("to smoke, fumigate"). Related to French dialect funkière. More at fumigate.
  • From Middle English funke, fonke, from Old English *funca, *fanca, from Proto-Germanic *funkô, *fankô, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)peng-, *(s)pheng-. Cognate with Middle Low German funke, fanke, Middle Dutch vonke ("spark"), Old High German funcho, funko, German Funke ("spark"). More at spunk.
  • 1743, Scottish and Northern English dialectal word, originally a verb meaning "to panic, fail due to panic". Perhaps from or cognate with obsolete Dutch fonck ("distress, agitation"), from Middle Dutch fonck ("perturbation, agitation"). More at flunk.

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