• A large vessel resembling a jug, usually with a handle, lid, and spout, for serving drinks such as cider or wine at a table; specifically , such a vessel used to hold the wine for the ritual of Holy Communion.
  • A large bottle for drinks such as beer, cider, or wine; also, a bottle with a cap used by travellers.


  • From Middle English flagon, flakon, from Middle French flacon, Old French flacon, flascon (modern French flacon), from Medieval Latin flascōnem, the accusative singular of Late Latin flascō, from Frankish *flaska, from Proto-Germanic *flaskǭ, from Proto-Germanic *flehtaną (from the practice of plaiting or wrapping bottles in straw casing), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *pleḱ-. The English word is a flacon, flask, and fiasco.
  • Old English flasce ("bottle, flask")
  • Old High German flaska ("bottle, flask") (German Flasche)
  • Old Norse flaska (Danish flaske)

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