• A group of people or vehicles, generally armed, who go with a person or people of importance to safeguard them on a journey or mission.
  • An accompanying person in such a group.
  • A guard who travels with a dangerous person, such as a criminal, for the protection of others.
  • A group of people attending as a mark of respect or honor.
  • An accompanying person in a social gathering, etc.
  • Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion.
  • A sex worker who does not operate in a brothel, but with whom clients make appointments; a call girl or male equivalent.


  • To attend to in order to guard and protect; to accompany as a safeguard (for the person escorted or for others); to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to
  • To accompany (a person) in order to compel them to go somewhere (e.g. to leave a building).
  • To go with someone as a partner, for example on a formal date.


Similar words


  • Borrowed from French escorte, itself borrowed from Italian scorta.

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