• To tremble, shake, or shiver with cold.
  • To be uncertain or unable to make a decision about doing something.
  • To do something nervously.
  • To render an approximation of (an image or graphic) by using dot patterns to simulate the appearance of colors or shades not in the system palette.
  • To intentionally add noise to a signal to randomize errors.


  • The state of being undecided.
  • A form of noise which is intentionally applied to randomize errors which occur in the processing of both digital audio and digital video data.
  • The use of dot patterns to approximate colors not available in the palette.


  • Variant of didder, from Middle English didderen, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *titrōną, whence also derived Old High German zittarōn (German zittern) and Old Norse titra (Faroese titra, Icelandic titra).

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