• An order to do something.
  • The right or authority to order, control or dispose of; the right to be obeyed or to compel obedience.
  • power of control, direction or disposal; mastery.
  • A position of chief authority; a position involving the right or power to order or control.
  • The act of commanding; exercise or authority of influence.
  • A body or troops, or any naval or military force, under the control of a particular officer; by extension, any object or body in someone's charge.
  • Dominating situation; range or control or oversight; extent of view or outlook.
  • A directive to a computer program acting as an interpreter of some kind, in order to perform a specific task.
  • The degree of control a pitcher has over his pitches.
  • A command performance.



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  • From Middle English commanden, commaunden, comaunden, comanden, from Old French comander (modern French commander), from Vulgar Latin *commandare, from Latin commendare, from com- + mandare, from mandō. Compare commend (a doublet), and mandate.

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