• Straight, not bent.
  • Of an angle, having a size of 90 degrees, or one quarter of a complete rotation; the angle between two perpendicular lines.
  • Of a geometric figure, incorporating a right angle between edges, faces, axes, etc.
  • Complying with justice, correctness or reason; correct, just, true.
  • Appropriate, perfectly suitable; fit for purpose.
  • Healthy, sane, competent.
  • Real; veritable (used emphatically).
  • All right; not requiring assistance.
  • Most favourable or convenient; fortunate.
  • Designating the side of the body which is positioned to the east if one is facing north. This arrow points to the reader's right: →
  • Designed to be placed or worn outward.
  • Pertaining to the political right; conservative.




  • That which complies with justice, law or reason.
  • A legal, just or moral entitlement.
  • The right side or direction.
  • The right hand or fist.
  • The authority to perform, publish, film, or televise a particular work, event, etc.; a copyright.
  • The ensemble of right-wing political parties; political conservatives as a group.
  • The outward or most finished surface, as of a coin, piece of cloth, a carpet, etc.
  • A wave breaking from right to left (viewed from the shore).



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  • From Middle English right, riȝt, reȝt, from Old English riht, ryht, reht, from Proto-West Germanic *reht, from Proto-Germanic *rehtaz, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃reǵtós, from *h₃reǵ-. An Indo-European past participle, it became a Germanic adjective which has been used also as a noun since the common Germanic period. Cognate with West Frisian rjocht, Dutch recht, German recht and Recht, Swedish rätt and rät, Danish ret, Norwegian Bokmål rett, Norwegian Nynorsk rett, and Icelandic rétt. The Indo-European root is also the source of Ancient Greek ὀρεκτός and Latin rēctus; Albanian drejt was borrowed from Latin.
  • From Middle English right, righte, from Old English rihte, rehte, from Proto-Germanic *rehta, from *rehtaz.
  • From Middle English right, righte, reght, reghte, riȝt, riȝte, from Old English riht, reht, ġeriht, from Proto-West Germanic *reht, from Proto-Germanic *rehtą, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃reǵtom, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃reǵt-. Cognate with Dutch recht, German Recht.
  • From Middle English righten, reghten, riȝten, from Old English rihtan, ġerihtan, from Proto-West Germanic *rihtijan, from Proto-Germanic *rihtijaną.

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