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  • From Middle English comen, cumen, from Old English cuman, from Proto-West Germanic *kweman, from Proto-Germanic *kwemaną, from Proto-Indo-European *gʷem-.
  • Cognate from Proto-Germanic with Scots cum ("to come"), Saterland Frisian kuume ("to come"), West Frisian komme ("to come"), Low German kamen ("to come"), Dutch komen ("to come"), German kommen ("to come"), Norwegian Bokmål and Danish komme ("to come"), Swedish komma ("to come"), Norwegian Nynorsk and Icelandic koma ("to come").
  • Cognate from PIE via Latin veniō with many Romance language terms (e.g., French venir, Portuguese vir, Spanish venir), Lithuanian gimti, with terms in Iranian languages (e.g. Avestan 𐬘𐬀𐬨𐬀𐬌𐬙𐬌), via Sanskrit गच्छति with many Indic language terms (e.g., Hindi गति).
  • Cognate to English basis, from PIE via Ancient Greek.
  • See comma.

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