Claw of the short-toed eagle, Circaetus gallicus




  • To scratch or to tear at.
  • To use the claws to seize, to grip.
  • To use the claws to climb.
  • To perform a claw catch.
  • To move with one's fingertips.
  • To relieve uneasy feeling, such as an itch, by scratching; hence, to humor or flatter, to court someone.
  • To rail at; to scold.
  • To flatter; to fawn on (a person).


  • From Middle English clawe, from Old English clawu, from Proto-Germanic *klawō. Compare West Frisian klau, Dutch klauw, German Klaue, Danish klo, Norwegian klo, and Swedish klo.
  • From Middle English clawen, from Old English clawan, clāwan, *clēn, clawian, from Proto-Germanic *klawjaną.

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