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  • From Middle English bour, from Old English būr, from Proto-Germanic *būraz ("room, abode"). Cognate with German Bauer ("birdcage"), Old Norse búr (Danish bur, Norwegian Bokmål bur, Swedish bur ("cage").
  • From Middle English boueer, from Old English būr, ġebūr and Middle Dutch bouwer; both from Proto-Germanic *būraz, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰōw-. Cognate with German Bauer ("peasant, builder"), Dutch boer, buur, and Albanian burrë ("man, husband"). See boor, neighbor.
  • From German Bauer.
  • From the bow of a ship --er.
  • From bow + -er.
  • From bow + -er.
  • From bough, compare brancher.

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