• A flexible sac that can expand and contract and that holds liquids or gases.
  • Specifically, the urinary bladder.
  • A hollow, inflatable organ of a plant.
  • The inflatable bag inside various balls used in sports, such as footballs and rugby balls.
  • A sealed plastic bag that contains wine and is usually packaged in a cask.
  • Anything inflated, empty, or unsound.


  • To swell out like a bladder with air; to inflate.
  • To store or put up in bladders.


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  • From Middle English bladdre, bleddre, bladder, bledder, from Old English blæddre, a variant of blǣdre, blēdre, from Proto-Germanic *blēdrǭ, *bladrǭ; akin to Old High German platara (German Blatter) and Old Norse blaðra (Danish blære), (Norwegian blære).

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