A stone bench (long seat).




  • To remove a player from play.
  • To remove someone from a position of responsibility temporarily.
  • To push a person backward against a conspirator behind them who is on their hands and knees, causing them to fall over.
  • To furnish with benches.
  • To place on a bench or seat of honour.
  • To lift by bench pressing
  • Alternate spelling of bentsh


  • From Middle English bench, benk, bynk, from Old English benċ, from Proto-West Germanic *banki, from Proto-Germanic *bankiz, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰeg-.
  • Cognate with Scots benk, bink, West Frisian bank, Dutch bank, German Bank, Danish bænk, Swedish bänk, Icelandic bekkur. bank.
  • From bench press by shortening.
  • See bentsh.

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