• The rotating part of an electric motor or dynamo, which mostly consists of coils of wire around a metal core.
  • The moving part in an electromechanical device like a loudspeaker or a buzzer.
  • A piece of soft steel or iron that connects the poles of a magnet, to preserve its strength by forming a circuit.
  • A supporting framework in a sculpture.
  • A kinematic chain (a system of bones or rigid bodies connected by joints) that is used to pose and deform models, often character models.
  • A protective organ, structure, or covering of an animal or plant, for defense or offense, like claws, teeth, thorns, or the shell of a turtle.
  • Armor, or a suit of armor.
  • Any apparatus for defence.
  • The frame of a pair of glasses.


  • To provide with an armature (any sense).


  • Borrowed from Middle French armature, from Latin armātūra ("armour"). armor.

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