Proper Noun

  • the name of the God of Israel worshipped by the Jahwist prophets in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in antiquity
  • in "Sacred Name Bibles", translating the Tetragrammaton


Similar words


  • The usual form of the ancient West Semitic (Hebrew) יהוה used in scholarship.
  • Used especially in discussions of the religion of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah.
  • The spelling Jahweh was used in German since the 1850s. The spelling Yahweh in English (ensuring the pronunciation of the initial consonant as ) first appears in the 1860s, e.g. in the Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come edited by John Thomas, founder of the Antipas Christadelphians (). First appeared in English Bible translations for the Tetragrammaton in the 1902 Emphasized Bible (EBR).

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